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Our work here at Podcast Production Music is new to the podcast industry; we are pioneers in the world of podcasting—adding exciting elements to enhance the podcast experience!

Our Goals

Our mission is to provide podcasters with the highest quality customer service. We strive for 100% satisfaction by ensuring our products and services exceed expectations.

Our Story

Podcast Production Music was created by our founder, Mark Maynor. As a member of the Florida Podcasters Association, the National Podcast Association, and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Mark brings his extensive knowledge and experience of the production world to our company.

What started as a fun hobby quickly became a part-time business, eventually growing into a full-time business through word of mouth.

Why Us

One of our favorite things about our work is the excitement we witness when customers hear about their new production and love it. That’s why we offer top-quality productions at great, affordable prices. With our years of experience creating production values for radio shows, we’ll ensure your podcast stands out.

Founder & President Mark Maynor frequently presents workshops on Audio Branding and holds consultations at various events each year, including PodFest International and other conventions. If you’d like to invite Mark to speak at your event or to schedule him as a guest on Your Podcast, please contact us at 727-857-6013.

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