As a podcast content provider, it is essential to make sure your clients are engaged from the start.  The first few seconds of your podcast can set the tone for the entire episode.  That is why it is crucial to utilize intro music that captures attention and prepares the listener for what is to come.  Much like the opening of a movie.


Things to consider


Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect intro music.


First, you want to make sure your music is memorable.  Catchy music will stick with listeners and help to cement your brand.  The goal of your intro should be to make a lasting impression on your audience.


Second, your intro music should be relevant to your topic.  Many podcasters just pick music “they” like to listen to without taking into consideration the vibe or feel of the show topics.  It is awkward to have music that does not fit with the theme of the content and does not help to cement your brand.


Third, you want your intro music to be short and sweet.  A long drawn-out intro can cause listeners to get bored or impatient before the main content of the podcast begins.  A 30 second max intro should be the goal.  You should, however, extend the music with a slow fade beyond the intro voiceover as it will provide a smooth and professional transition into the main body of the podcast episode.  So, while the intro may be 20 – 30 seconds, you should add another 10 seconds or more with a slow fade.


Finally, consider the emotional impact of your music selection. Depending on your topic, you may want music that is exciting, calming, uplifting or whatever emotion your topic requires.  Whatever the emotion, make sure it is appropriate for your brand and target audience.




At Podcast Production Music, we custom design the music to fit with intro voiceovers and /or sound effects to create a custom audio brand for your show.  Most royalty free music beds contain a constant beat or melody and just sounds like music “underneath” a voice.  We create music that will interact with the voice and sound effects to create a unique and memorable intro.  This creates a professional, recognizable brand that listeners will identify with YOUR podcast.  You will also not need to worry about legal issues with your music.  Many companies that provide royalty free tracks have terms which may prohibit its use for your needs.





In conclusion, the intro music of your podcast can make or break your podcast success.  By making it memorable, relevant, short, and emotionally impactful, you can capture your audience’s attention and ensure they’ve invested in the content from the start.  Your intro can also help to hook in a new listener who may be considering your podcast for the first time.  So, take the time to choose the perfect intro music for your podcast, and watch as your audience grows and engages with your brand.


Podcast Production Music is a proud member of the Florida Podcasters Association, the National Podcast Association and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

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